New recipes

New quality cabbage

New quality cabbage

Every time I make this food, I remember my beginnings in cooking, when I called my mother (at the time, because they weren't mobile at the time) to tell me how to make soup, how to make cabbage ... More days In the past, I even found the recipe for sauerkraut written on the back of a page and I was nostalgic. What a cabbage I was because I didn't even know how to make cabbage!

  • 3 kg cabbage (or 2 beautiful cabbages),
  • a bell pepper,
  • 3 large onions,
  • 2 dill ties,
  • a link of fresh thyme,
  • 2 bay leaves,
  • pepper,
  • salt,
  • 1 2 lemon,
  • 3-4 tablespoons of broth,
  • 1 kg chest or rib head,
  • 50ml oil.

Servings: -

Preparation time: less than 30 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION New quality cabbage:

Cut the meat into pieces and put it in hot oil to brown a little, in a Teflon pan or in tuci.

Cut the onion, the pepper into cubes and put them in the resulting oil after removing the meat. When the onion becomes glassy, ​​add the finely chopped cabbage and add salt to leave the juice. always stir. When the cabbage is cooked, add a link and a half of chopped dill, thyme, bay leaves, pepper, lemon juice, the broth is mixed well, put the meat on top and put in the oven until browned.

When it is ready, sprinkle and the rest of the dill on top is served with hot peppers.


Baked sweet cabbage with polenta

Until recently I made 163267455475 hardened cabbages, I just didn't understand why hardened cabbages don't come out. They came out boiled, stifled, tormented, like that, in a word alandala.

Well, dude, I got caught and I'm telling you, in case you don't even get perfect, sublime, hardened cabbages.

Ingredients for 2 people:

  • a large cabbage
  • a large onion
  • 250 g chopped tomatoes (canned or live)
  • oil or other fat
  • salt
  • pepper
  • chili
  • thyme
  • a bay leaf
  • Dill parsley
  • optional, if you want to be bad, ruthless and increase all your cholesterol, both good and bad, smoked bacon or smoked ribs and other crap, your job

Polenta for 2 people:

  • 500 ml of water
  • 150 g of grated corn
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • a teaspoon of black pepper (optionally, I like its aroma in polenta, plus I feel like a family healer)

We cut the cabbage faithfully. That means about how thin you can be. You can also put it on the robot on the slicing blade.

I sprinkled salt on it (say about a tablespoon without a tip) and stirred until I was sure it was spread everywhere. Then I let her do it on her own, I think for 10-15 minutes.

After this time, my cabbage looked like this:

I mean, it had shrunk in volume and left a pile of juice on the bottom of the bowl. Something that deserves the next step: squeezing.

Before that, though, I tasted it. It looked a little salty, so I washed it well, thank you under running water, until it tasted good.

Then I squeezed the chopped cabbage with my hands and put it in a strainer (actually a sieve) to drain on its own.

I heated a cast iron skillet. Average. I'm a cast iron fan, basically, you have nothing to cook in it and it doesn't taste good. If it is well seasoned (pan, I say), the food does not stick, it does not burn, it is nothing, sir! It's magic. Plus you can put it in the oven later. Please, if he doesn't have a wooden handle.

I put 2 tablespoons of fat. For me, this thing meant 2 tablespoons of duck lard, but you can put well vegetable oil.

In it I hardened the chopped onion and fish. Caaam like this:

I added a powder of dried thyme, salt, pepper, ground chili and a bay leaf.

Stir and keep over medium heat until tender, until the onion is hardened. This means that it softens, becomes translucent, but does not stain.

Now is the time to worry if we want other fats like ribs, bacon, meat, bacon, etc. If we use them, we wait for them to cook. I put the small pieces of smoked, forgotten, poor bacon in the fridge.

Then add the well drained cabbage.

Heat the cabbage in the pan, stirring, until it drops a little and all the water evaporates.

Now we can put the chopped tomatoes or tomato juice.

Stir and keep on the heat for a while until they all become friends. And the tomato juice or tomatoes drop a bit.

Put in the oven. At 180 degrees C. About 45 minutes. Stir occasionally so that it does not stick to the edge. In the end it looks like this:

As soon as it comes out of the oven, we can put freshly chopped dill and / or parsley.

While the cabbage is in the oven, add the polenta.

Bring 500 ml of water to the boil, add salt and black. We turn on the low heat and put the semolina in the rain. Stir faithfully and vigorously with a whisk until the cornstarch is incorporated. Let the heat simmer and wait about 20 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Turn the well-made polenta over, let it cool for a few minutes, until it thickens better. We put it on plates or we can slice it. If we want and feel full of culinary momentum, we cut slices 2-3 cm thick, which we put on the hot grill or in a pan.

From Masterchef to the interpreter of the new Romanian cuisine. The story of Alex Petricean, the chef who reinterprets sauerkraut or donuts at Noua

Alex Petricean is the chef who opened the Noua restaurant. If none of the names tell you anything, then I tell you that Alex Petricean is the former competitor of the first edition of Masterchef that took third place in the competition. He was in Florin Dumitrescu's team and, although very young at the time, he asserted himself through the preparations that came out of his hand, even if he saw certain ingredients for the first time. He learned to cook when he went to study in Belgium and missed home food. That's how he came to learn how to make a soup, a stew, and from here only the sky was the limit of his creativity and imagination.

Earlier this year, he opened Noua, a restaurant whose menu is based around the new Romanian cuisine. That is, he takes old, forgotten recipes of Romanian dishes that he reinterprets in a modern way.

I visited Alex Petricean in Noua, on a day when there is no work and I left fascinated by the story of this place.

New by Alex Petricean

At the entrance to the restaurant there is a micro greenhouse with plants that he and his colleagues use in the menu. I saw for the first girl a micro sunflower plant, beans or crystal flower. Do not imagine that he is waiting to pick the seeds from the sunflower hats or the bean pods from the poles. There are plants that are used before reaching maturity, for their special taste.

The restaurant seems quite simple at first glance, but if you pay attention to the details, you will notice that they are very well thought out so that the focus is on the table, on the culinary experience. But it is decorated in the neo-traditional Romanian style, with sheepskin, brick, wood and metal. One of the rooms on the ground floor is named after Vlad Țepeș, another on Katharina, the great ruler's girlfriend, and the room upstairs bears in the middle the coat of arms of the dragons that became the coat of arms of the Devils' family. Alex Petricean says that he chose this theme precisely because we are in a period in which we need a national hero that we cannot find and it is interesting to imagine what Vlad Dracul would look like at the helm of the country.

Noua is not a pub, as we would be tempted to believe, it is a place that promotes the new Romanian cuisine, aided by ancient tastes reinterpreted in a modern style. I asked Alex what he was cooking. He replied that he really likes to taste Romanian dishes prepared by relatives and friends, from forgotten areas of the country, which he then tries to reinterpret in his kitchen.

How Alex Petricean arrived at only 32 years old, one of the most appreciated chefs in Romania, which is his story at Masterchef, but especially what his childhood tasted, you can read in a few minutes.

What's in your menu?

We have two tasting menus, one smaller called Endemic and the other larger called Carpato_Danubiano-Pontic. The large one includes absolutely all the dishes and all of them can be ordered a la carte. People are more and more open to try the tasting menu because this way they can understand much more from the whole experience.

How long do you stay in the restaurant?

We are just a dinner restaurant, and the people who come to us are not in a hurry. To understand the whole experience you have to stay two hours, two and a half hours. There are people who stay for four or five hours. We are happy to have people who have started coming back, even every week, people curious to see what we are doing, what we have new. We change the menu in about a month, six weeks because the seasonality of the ingredients forces us to do that. We only work with fresh ingredients.

Alex Petricean serving one of his dishes

You were talking about gastronomic education at one point. Are we Romanians educated?

We started educating ourselves. The point is that our culinary habits were very bad during the communist period. That is why we are facing an attempt to rediscover what Romanian tradition and food mean. On the other hand, after communism we tried to forget that food and look more at what's going on outside.

Anyone who wanted to forget that beef salad with mushroom and donut decor & # 8230

Yes, but beef salad is not authentic Romanian food. There are many more things that I forgot, there are people in this country who make some dishes only in certain areas, in certain villages, that no one has heard of.

Prepared from Alex Petricean's first menu

Is there authentic Romanian food besides the cage?

There is this debate about sarmale. Sarmalele are made in all Balkan countries, but as we know them, they are made only in Romania. And 60 local Romanian recipes are documented, different from those prepared in the Balkans. For example, in Transylvania there is no rice, no pâté because there the merchants did not bring rice and used broken corn. In Banat, onions are not hardened, the dimensions differ a lot.

Do you have any more examples?

If we look at the matured meats, how the different types of sausages are made in the areas of Romania, how the polenta is made differently from north to south & # 8230 There are all kinds of different things on the territory of this country. There are 11 big influences in Romania and we try to take them little by little and bring them to our restaurant.

What does your menu look like?

We have the map of Romania divided into six regions. Basically you receive the tray and one by one come the puzzle pieces that complete the map somehow reflecting the taste of each region from our perspective.

We start with Muntenia because this is Bucharest and from here our journey begins, where we have "Ciulinele de Bărăgan", a fermented potato like cabbage, 14 days, which we turn into a kind of spider web that we roll and fill with smoked cream and zacusca, and on top we put a powder, "Condimentul Oborului". We take all the herbs that are currently in Obor and all the preparation actually smells of the market.

In Transylvania we have “Polenta Nigiri”, practically a cheese bulz in the middle and on top with a thin slice of smoked bacon from Gilău, baked garlic and pickled pine buds. In Moldova we have a red beet dumpling filled with meatballs infused with beet borscht.

In Dobrogea we have the "Kiss of the Danube with the Black Sea", a pancake with an emulsion of carp caviar and mussels smoked by the Black Sea. In Banat we now have a very small pepper that looks like a hot pepper, but it is sweet, stuffed with sleeping meat from the Danube area and Serbian pilaf. In Oltenia we have a truffle scoop from the Gorj area.

Do all the ingredients come from the respective areas?

Not necessarily, but the dish from the Oltenia area, for example, is obtained only with ingredients from that area. The ham is from Gilău, the cheese from Transylvania, etc. 95% of the products are Romanian and come mainly from small Romanian producers, fishermen, hunters, etc.

Who makes these recipes?

And how do you come up with these ideas? Must have tasted a lot?

I eat a lot of Romanian food, I like to visit, relatives, friends of relatives, I like to taste all kinds of Romanian dishes and then I think about how I could arrange them.

Do you also make sweets?

Yes, practically now we are working on the map version of sweet Romania. We want to have two options: Romania salty plate and sweet plate. We will mainly focus on vegetables, we want to make some mini desserts from the vegetables from those areas. Now we have a gingerbread dessert with roses from Horezu Monastery and larch and a cabbage donut.

Did you have a restaurant before Noua?

No, he's the first. I worked in a lot of restaurants after Masterchef, but none of mine.

What were you doing before you got to Masterchef?

I worked in advertising before, I had been fencing for 15 years, and then I came from a master's degree in Belgium and I couldn't find myself. It was also that strange period of political transition and I didn't seem to find my place.

What did you do in advertising?

I was on customer service. It was a disaster.

But how long have you had a passion for cooking?

The passion for cooking appeared about six months before Masterchef and materialized very quickly. Because I went to study in Brussels and there I found out I had nothing to eat. I always stayed in Romania and besides my family who cook a lot, I always had the ritual of the Sunday meal where all the goodies were put on the table and realizing that I miss that very much, I started cooking. Easy, easy, at first with my mother on the phone who explained to me how to make a soup, how to make a hardened cabbage & # 8230

That's how I cook, but from here until you get to combine the donuts with cabbage or gingerbread with larch & # 8230

After that was the Masterchef episode in which I realized that I master, that I have a sense for ingredients. There, at almost every test, there was at least one ingredient I was getting my hands on for the first time and it worked out well for me. That's when I realized "it's something." I came out on the 3rd place, which I think was better because that's how I wanted to focus on it and start working to start accumulating a database from which I can evolve. And I worked in many restaurants in Romania, I realized that this should not be the way & # 8230

Did many offers come after Masterchef or did you have to search for yourself?

The masterchef does not introduce you to the professional environment, it introduces you to the world of amateurs with commercial value. I mean, brands come to you because they see image potential.

And what restaurant were you in the first time?

The first time at Florin Dumitrescu's restaurant.

Alex Petricean

Were you on his team?

Yes. First at a restaurant in Bucharest, then he opened one in Craiova and sent me to take care of the menu and what was happening there. Then I tried my own project which went very well but unfortunately I had an investor who did what he wanted with the money and did not give salaries, did not pay the suppliers & # 8230 At that moment I said I have to go outside to see what is words. And we started with Italy, then we went to the Nordic countries. I worked for almost three years in ten countries. I mostly worked for five months in another country.

And after you came back from the outside, did you start Noua?

Not. The first time I went to Maize. I was a chef, but the concept was conceived and developed by me.

It's a bit like the concept & # 8230

Yes, but here it happens a little more than what happened there because at Maize there was a column in the menu "New Romanian cuisine", here is the whole menu, the whole restaurant is "the new Romanian cuisine". Maize was named the best restaurant of 2018, I the best chef and then I realized that I need more freedom of expression, freedom to feel and communicate with people, to make decisions without I ask ten other people if they agree. So I said it was time to open my own restaurant, it was also the right timing, people were curious to see what I would do in my house & # 8230

Arranging the table at Noua

And did you have money?

I had money & # 8230 My parents and my aunt also helped me. We all went hand in hand to succeed.

But how did you get to Masterchef?

I applied when I was in Belgium and started cooking. On state television in Belgium was Masterchef USA season two. And because I was always watching ProTV News, I saw an ad with Masterchef subscriptions. I signed up somewhere in June and they answered me in December. I didn't even expect anything to happen. And that was it.

Did it help you in any way?

Absolute. It makes your job a little easier. I was able to start this job at the age of 25. Normally, you enter the kitchen at the age of 16-17. At the age of 25, you leave with a disability that, thanks to the image, I overcame. I was a little privileged. If it weren't for Masterchef, it might have been a while before I got to where I am.

What are your parents?

My mother was a bank manager and my father is a colonel.

Do you have any more brothers?

I have another sister who went with me to study in Belgium and stayed there. I couldn't stay, I had the love of the country in me & # 8230

Or did you miss the food at home?

Did your grandparents still stay here?

Yes. They cooked very well. The father's part comes from the Transylvania area, and the mother has roots in Banat and Dobrogea.

So you had almost all the tastes in the house, plus the ones borrowed from Muntenia & # 8230

Yes. Grandma was right from Bucharest and she cooked like here and cooked very, very well. Yes, I had a gourmet childhood. And my grandfather really liked the food, he wanted to feed us a lot and we stayed with him longer.

You were born shortly before the Revolution, which means that they were all & # 8230

And that, but my grandfather was a general, so he did it before.

And what did you like to eat the most?

Semolina with milk. Grandpa used to make hardened cabbage with french fries and pork steak, that's what I'll never forget: how to combine the taste of sauerkraut with sweet potatoes and that very good lean meat.

The other grandmother made "summer stew" from only three ingredients: onions, tomatoes and peppers. She only did it in June and July and it was sensational. We ate it with hot bread from the oven. My mother used to make skewers, scovergi & # 8230 every Sunday

My grandfather was doing something to me that I had never seen or heard from anyone. In the morning he would make me a soft, hot polenta and put milk and coffee next to it. And she poured the cold coffee milk over that hot polenta and all the textures and temperatures came in. & # 8230

Alex Petricean

And did you sit among them in the kitchen or just come to dinner?

I used to stay with my mother, I helped her wash the dishes when she was five years old & # 8230

But is there something you don't like about childhood food?

My grandmother used to make a lot of fruit dishes. Salted plum, quince food, pickled cucumber food. I remember when I was little I didn't like it. I haven't eaten since, but I'd like to try now to understand what these dishes really are. I think I am much more open now to receiving information.

But are you cooking at home now?

Yes. Pretty much, about three times a week. This is given that I am here four days a week at the restaurant. And before we met we cooked. But I cook not very elaborate things, not stews, soups. I do light things. I don't like to eat heavy things, I prefer raw food, pasta sometimes, soups.

And no one came to ask you for pasta here? Or steak with french fries?

No, never. We did not have the power to publicize this place, but it was promoted on its own, word for word. People started going to Maize and when they saw that I was no longer there, they looked for me. A lot of people have been following me for a while and coming after me. I worked for a while on Valea Doftanei at a famous pension and there I joined for the first time the words "new Romanian cuisine". That's where I started making belly soup differently & # 8230

For example, I dehydrated the belly from the soup and it expanded, it was made like a formwork. I made a garlic sauce separately. On the plate you had an egg yolk matured in vinegar and cream. Mix the egg yolk with the egg and pour the juice on top of yourself, plus a hot pepper tart and donut. You ate the belly with the garlic sauce and the juice separately.

What's next? What else do you want?

First of all, I want to put Romania on a gastronomic map of the world. I really want to be proud of what we have, but that's why I still have things to discover. And the next project I want is a caravan with which to go in search of old recipes, old techniques, owned only by the elderly now and which will be lost in a few years. We need a lot of sources of inspiration.

The serving platter designed by Alex Petricean

Well, if you change the menu so often & # 8230

Somehow nature pushes us to change the menu so often because we only work with ingredients that are found today. In winter we may not have to change the menu so often because we are left with the same ingredients.

Romanian cuisine is seen as very heavy, with many fries, many doughs and somehow we try to diminish this fame and prepare modern menus, but also easy to digest. Let's be honest and admit that Romanian restaurants have lost a lot of ground because if you ask someone on the street where they eat, they will definitely tell you about pasta, pizza, burgers or Asian food.

The segment of customers who consume such Romanian-based restaurants is +35 years old. Young people do not have much interest in Romanian food because they are the generations that did not grow up with home-cooked food. We will have a lot to work with the young generation that does not have culinary education in Romanian cuisine.

Preparation of ingredients for tempering new cabbage.

The new cabbage is finely chopped and seasoned with coarse salt.

The chopped and salted cabbage mixes well and is left to rest for 1/2 hour, during which time it leaves its water. The new chopped and salted cabbage drains water between the palms of the hands and the squeezed balls are placed on a flat plate.

In this recipe, for a special taste of sauerkraut, I used baked capsicum, from the one prepared in autumn, kept in the freezer.

The housewife's secret! The capsicum used does not thaw before preparing this recipe.

The roasted capsicum is finely chopped.

Green onions are cut into 1 cm thick pieces. Red onions, dried, cut into thin slices.

Finely chop the green dill.

Frozen or fresh tomatoes are peeled and finely chopped.

Smoked bacon is cut into thin pieces of 1 & # 2151 cm.


1. Remove 1-2 cabbages from the barrel and leave them in the salted water for 2-3 hours, if they are too salty.
2. Finely chop the sauerkraut and then squeeze it into a fine sieve, until you remove all the brine from it.
3. Finely chop the onion and fry it in 3-4 tablespoons of oil, together with the red pepper, until it becomes translucent.
4. Add the squeezed cabbage, pour a cup of water and let the cabbage simmer for 35-40 minutes to simmer with the lid on.
5. Then move the pan of sauerkraut to the oven heated to 160 degrees for another 30 minutes, spreading the peppercorns first. At this point you can add smoked meat (sausages, ribs, etc.), if you do not prepare fasting cabbage.

Traian Gaman recipe: Bucovina quality cabbage

He received not one apron, but three. The MasterChef jurors were more than happy with the recipe he presented at the pre-selections, so they each handed him an apron.

Cut the smoked julienne kaizer, fry in a pot over medium heat until golden brown. Remove with a spatula from the cauldron, heat the leeks and onions in the remaining fat. Walk a few cloves of garlic with leeks and onions in hot oil, then add the meat soup.

Let it simmer for a while and toss the cabbage in the cauldron. Stir occasionally. Cut the cabbage into long noodles, add a little more oil, if necessary. Stir occasionally until the soup drops. Leave it on the right heat until the cabbage is browned and it tastes a little catchy.

You can watch the most delicious moments on, and you can find the full show on

The wild boar meat, previously washed and cut into large slices, is lightly fried then, if possible, in a pan or cauldron, add warm water thus obtaining a soup. With the help of a carrot, a parsnip, an onion, with a little salt and a little white pepper, it is boiled on the fire until it becomes tasty and juicy (not dry), having to catch a browning taste in the cauldron.

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How to make a modern harvest center for Thanksgiving

For Thanksgiving dinner, I'm sharing this week with you, I wanted a very lush centerpiece, one that celebrates the beauty of the fall harvest, but it didn't cost me hundreds of dollars. So I turned to my favorite organic florist to help me create a beautiful, natural centerpiece of vegetables that would be a real man (you know, homo sapiens, In contrast to the marta stewartensis) could do with a few seasonal vegetables, basic tools and a little imagination.

But I didn't want to let all this beauty dissipate after dinner. Because nothing is glued or cut otherwise unique, you can eat almost every piece of this arrangement - and I offer recipes to help you do just that.

While I love flowers, I think vegetables deserve a moment in the spotlight on Thanksgiving Day and placing them in the center of the table reminds us that we can go back to the reward when the indulgence of pie and bread is over.

So I approached Eva Provenzale, my favorite florist here in Columbus, Ohio. Eva's business,

Of all the people, I thought Eva could do something nice with a bag of vegetables. Lucky for me, she was ready for the challenge, despite the fact that she gave birth to her daughter just a few weeks before. She did not slow down, she runs her shop and arranges flowers with her daughter Elliott, who is stuck in a well.

So I went back to her store a few days before the party, packing bags of vegetables that had attracted me for one reason or another. I had beets, turnips, cabbage, kohlrabi, eggplants and paper skin tomatoes. We also had a wide and light wooden plate, a good find from a local store. I searched for the right base for the arrangement, finding online only very expensive options. But this one, a set from Mix: Home, was only $ 33 and just perfect.

Eva threw everything out, then started working. Here's how to put it all together without the help of floral foam - which, she pointed out, is not biodegradable. She thought of using only food-friendly materials to assemble this arrangement, and we took step-by-step photos to help you do the same.

However, after assembling all these beautiful vegetables, the last thing I wanted to do was throw them away. Because we made sure to use only food-friendly arranging techniques, everything can be eaten afterwards. And what better menu, the week after Thanksgiving, but the one you find in a bunch of gorgeous vegetables?

Here are a lot of recipe ideas for the things I put in my own arrangement. Also note that most of these vegetables will last a long time the cabbage can be stored a month in the refrigerator. Therefore, you do not have to go through them.

What are you doing for your Thanksgiving Center this year? Will there be vegetables on the table? And if so, how will you eat them afterwards?

Listen to Kitchn on the Splendid Table

The mattresses in a box are here to stay, but the market for them may feel too saturated with options - many of them costing well over $ 1,000. If you want to refresh your bedroom for the summer, but don't want to splash, Amazon's current offer may be the answer you've been waiting for. For today alone, Amazon offers 20% off Sweet Night mattresses and pillows, bringing prices below $ 300 for some models. The most popular option is the 10 in.

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După ce l-a implorat pe soțul meu timp de aproape 10 ani, el a fost în sfârșit de acord că este timpul să primim un câine. Aceste patru mici cuvinte - „Să luăm un câine” - m-au făcut mai fericită decât „Te vei căsători cu mine?” Vezi, știam că ne vom căsători Nu știam că va veni vreodată să obțină un câine. (El nu este un monstru, ci doar un realist care s-a îngrijorat de programele noastre ocupate.

Există atât de multe tipuri de dezordine: excesul de elemente pe care credeți că le-ar putea avea nevoie într-o zi, dezordinea pe care ești atât de obișnuit să o ai în jur încât nici măcar nu o observi mai mult, grămadă de hârtie pe care trebuie să le parcurgeți și lucruri de care vă simțiți vinovat că a scăpat pentru că cineva v-a dat-o sau ați cheltuit bani buni pe lor. Dar există un singur tip de dezordine de care nu trebuie să te simți niciodată rău.

Dacă ați început vreodată să vă descărcați mașina de spălat vase și ați scos un pahar care are un film lăptos, știți cât de frustrant este. Se presupune că acel pahar va ieși sclipitor și limpede! Nu este tulbure! Iată de ce se întâmplă asta și, mai important, cum să o rezolvi. Cel mai probabil vinovat pentru sticlă tulbure este apa tare, care produce ravagii pe sticlă în două moduri: În primul rând, mineralele din apa tare pot lăsa în urmă un reziduu tulbure.

Aparatele din oțel inoxidabil arată uneori ca niște conserve mari de staniu în bucătăria ta. Oțelul inoxidabil negru, pe de altă parte, este o alternativă subestimată la tradiționalul metal argintiu clar și o tendință mare în bucătării în aceste zile. De asemenea, nu afișează manevre și amprente la fel de ușor. Mi-a plăcut totul despre ei, până când am deținut unul singur.

Când am mers la facultate, am devenit oarecum un snob al Trader Joe. Adevăr, mă înfior să spun chiar acele cuvinte. După ce am crescut în Pennsylvania suburbană, unde Wegmans a fost înălțimea fanteziei, am găsit un comerciant ușor accesibil să fie un lux legitim, atât de mult încât am devenit un devotat total al templului produselor fără brand, deseori organice, ieftine.

Dacă aveți copii, aveți aproape sigur o pungă cu pește în congelator. Chiar dacă nu aveți copii, pescuitul are probabil un loc în bucătăria dvs. sau cel puțin în inima voastră. Sunt super-rapide, ambalate cu proteine ​​și destul de greu de rezistat. Și există tot felul de modalități prin care le puteți transforma într-o cină prietenoasă pentru adulți. Dar nu toate nuggeturile sunt create egale. Unele se coace crocante, în timp ce altele sunt gumate.

S-ar putea să te regăsești în aceeași barcă în care mă aflu - genul de barcă care interzice strict etichetele să fie pe borcane și sticle? Adică, toate vin cu etichete, dar eu pur și simplu scot nervos fiecare în timp ce aștept să se preîncălzească cuptorul sau să se stingă cronometrele. Nu este nici o idee groaznică, pentru că un borcan fără etichete are potențial mult ca vas de băut, borcan de depozitare sau vază. Desigur, această alegere compulsivă eu (noi?

Când Heather Knight s-a mutat în noua ei casă, a trebuit să se concentreze pe reparații mai urgente și nu a fost în măsură să pună atâția bani în bucătărie cât și-ar fi dorit. (Așa că da, deși 7.500 de dolari sunt mulți bani, nu este chiar atât de mult când vorbești despre un renovarea bucătăriei.) În timp ce spațiul era într-o formă bună, era întunecat și puțin prea datat pentru ea gusturile. Cu unele cheltuieli destul de inteligente, a scos un proiect de renovare destul de impactant.

Iată un scenariu: mergi să-ți faci o cafea caldă, pe care ai uitat-o ​​în timp ce umblai câinele / făcând prânzul / defilarea copiilor pe Instagram. Îți deschizi ușa cu microunde și - eek! - este o mizerie fierbinte acolo. Există stropiți de grăsime, blaturi de sos de roșii uscate și nici nu sunteți sigur ce altceva. Vrei un cuptor cu microunde, dar vrei și cafea fierbinte. Vestea bună: Puteți face cuptorul cu microunde în sine în timp ce vă bucurați de delicioasele de dimineață!

Nu există lipsă de oferte bune la IKEA, de la departamentul de uzine până la vânzarea anuală a bucătăriei. De fapt, unele dintre cele mai bune cumpărături costă sub 15 dolari. Dar dacă te-am spune că trebuie să fii oferte și mai bune dacă ai îndrăzni să te aventurezi în secțiunea As-Is a magazinului? Ce spui? Știați deja asta? Iată ceva ce poate nu știți: o mică strategie vă poate ajuta să găsiți marfă mai bună și să vă economisiți și mai mulți bani.

Ți se pare ceva despre această bucătărie ca un proiect DIY? Absolut nu, nu? Nici unul. Ei bine, ce se întâmplă dacă v-aș spune că întreaga bucătărie a fost un proiect de bricolaj? Da! Ai citit asta. Când am întâlnit acest turneu spaniol pe site-ul nostru suror, Apartment Therapy, mi-a scăzut maxilarul. Și a scăzut și mai mult când am aflat că proprietarul a proiectat el însuși toată casa și bucătăria. Dar, odată ce am depășit șocul inițial, realizarea a făcut ceva mai mult sens.


1. Scoate 1-2 verze din butoi si lasa-le in apa la desarat pentru 2-3 ore, daca sunt mult prea sarate.
2. Marunteste fin de cutit varza murata si stoarce-o apoi intr-o sita fina, pana ce scoti toata saramura din ea.
3. Toaca ceapa fin si caleste-o in 3-4 linguri de ulei, impreun cu ardeiul rosu, pana ce devine translucida.
4. Adauga varza stoarsa, toarna o cana de apa si lasa varza calita la foc mic pentru 35-40 minute sa se innabuse cu capacul deasupra.
5. Muta apoi cratita de varza calita la cuptorul incins la 160 grade, pentru alte 30 de minute, raspandind inainte boabele de piper. In acest moment se poate adauga afumatura (carnati, costita, etc), daca nu se prepara varza calita de post.

Top zece cu cele mai bune rețete culinare pentru garnituri, vezi ce gustări poți servi

Top zece cu cele mai bune retete culinare pentru garnituri, Foto:

Va prezentam in cele ce urmeaza un top zece cu cele mai bune retete culinare pentru garnituri.

1. Reteta de cartofi taranesti reprezinta un preparat delicios pe care va recomandam sa il incercati. Va prezentam in cele ce urmeaza atat ingredientele necesare, cat si modul de pregatire pas cu pas.

Ingredientele necesare pentru cartofii taranesti sunt urmatoarele:

  • jumatate de kilogram de cartofi
  • two onions
  • 100 grame bacon afumat
  • o legatura patrunjel
  • oil
  • salt and pepper.

Modul de pregatire pentru reteta de cartofi taranesti va este prezentat in cele ce urmeaza:

  1. Caliti ceapa in uleiul incins, continuati cu cartofii taiati cubulete, iar la final baconul taiat in fasiute
  2. La final presarati patrunjelul tocat marunt
  3. Serviti cartofii calzi alaturi de friptura dorita.

2. Reteta de cartofi frantuzesti reprezinta un preparat delicios pe care va recomandam sa il incercati. Va prezentam in cele ce urmeaza atat ingredientele necesare, cat si modul de pregatire pas cu pas.

Ingredientele necesare pentru cartofi frantuzesti sunt urmatoarele:

  • jumatate de kilogram de cartofi
  • un catel de usturoi
  • doua oua
  • 100 ml iaurt
  • unt
  • 50 grame parmezan ras
  • salt and pepper.

Modul de pregatire pentru reteta de cartofi frantuzesti va este prezentat in cele ce urmeaza:

  1. Puneti cartofii si ouale la fiert
  2. Pisati usturoiul, apoi amestecati-l cu putin unt, ungeti un vas termorezistent cu acest amestec
  3. Adaugati in vas cartofii fierti taiati in rondele, apoi ouale, stropiti preparatul cu iaurt, presarati parmezanul ras deasupra intregului preparat
  4. Introduceti vasul in cuptor si lasati-l sa se rumeneasca uniform
  5. Serviti preparatul cald.

3. Reteta de cartofi cu usturoi la cuptor reprezinta un preparat delicios pe care va recomandam sa il incercati. Va prezentam in cele ce urmeaza atat ingredientele necesare, cat si modul de pregatire pas cu pas.

Ingredientele necesare pentru cartofii cu usturoi la cuptor sunt urmatoarele:

  • jumatate de kilogram de cartofi
  • trei catei de usturoi
  • olive oil
  • salt and pepper.

Modul de pregatire pentru reteta de cartofi cu usturoi la cuptor va este prezentat in cele ce urmeaza:

  1. Fierbeti cartofii, curatati-i de coaja
  2. Adaugati cartofii intr-un vas termorezistent uns cu unt
  3. Stropiti cartofii zdrobiti cu usturoiul pisat marunt amestecat cu ulei de masline
  4. Coaceti preparatul in cuptor timp de douazeci de minute
  5. Serviti preparatul cald.

4. Reteta de legume cu orez reprezinta un preparat delicios pe care va recomandam sa il incercati. Va prezentam in cele ce urmeaza atat ingredientele necesare, cat si modul de pregatire pas cu pas

Timp de preparare:cincizeci de minute.

Ingredientele necesare pentru doua portii de legume cu orez sunt urmatoarele:

  • 150 grame orez cu bob rotund
  • doi morcovi
  • o conopida mica
  • 25 grame parmezan
  • un ou
  • putin lapte
  • oil
  • salt and pepper.

Modul de pregatire pas cu pas pentru reteta de legume cu orez va este prezentat in cele ce urmeaza:

  1. Alegeti orezul, indepartati resturile de boabe, apoi spalati orezul in mai multe ape pentru a indeparta excesul de faina de orez. Puneti orezul la inmuiat intr-o cantitate suficienta de apa cu un praf de sare timp de jumatate de ora. Dupa ce orezul s-a inmuiat bine, lasati-l la scurs intr-o strecuratoare inainte de a-l folosi in preparat
  2. Puneti orezul la fiert cu un praf de sare intr-o cantitate suficienta de apa. Lasati orezul sa fiarba la foc potrivit pana cand bobul sau devine moale. Supravegheati orezul pe timpul fierberii, adaugati apa daca este nevoie. Cand este gata lasati orezul sa se scurga intr-o strecuratoare
  3. Curatati morcovii, spalati-i, lasati-i la scurs, dati-i prin razatoarea cu ochiuri mari
  4. Spalati conopida in mai multe ape, apoi desfaceti-o in bucatele si lasati-o sa se scurga. Puneti pe foc o cantitate suficienta de apa cu un praf de sare. Lasati apa sa dea in clocot, apoi adaugati buchetelele de conopida. Opariti conopida maxim cinci minute, apoi scoateti-o din apa cu ajutorul unei supiere si lasati-o sa se scurga
  5. Dati parmezanul prin razatoarea cu ochiuri mici
  6. Spalati oul, lasati-l sa se scurga sau stergeti-l bine cu o hartie absorbanta de bucatarie. Bateti oul cu un praf de sare pana cand se omogenizeaza, capata o culoare albicioasa si isi mareste volumul
  7. Adaugati laptele peste oul batut anterior si amestecati pana la omogenizare
  8. Incalziti cuptorul la foc iute de circa 200 de grade Celsius timp de jumatate de ora
  9. Adaugati intr-un vas incapator orezul fiert si scurs anterior, morcovul dat prin razatoare, conopida oparita si oul batut cu sare si lapte. Condimentati cu sare si piper dupa gust. Amestecati pana la omogenizare
  10. Pregatiti un vas termorezistent pe care il ungeti cu ulei, adaugati in vas compozitia pregatita asa cum v-am descris anterior. Nivelati compozitia in asa fel incat sa acopere in intregime vasul intr-un strat de grosime egala. Presarati deasupra intregului preparat parmezanul dat prin razatoare anterior
  11. Cand cuptorul s-a incins suficient, introduceti vasul si lasati preparatul sa se coaca timp de jumatate de ora sau pana cand se incheaga si se rumeneste frumos la suprafata
  12. Cand este gata lasati preparatul sa se raceasca, apoi sectionati-l in portii egale.

Legumele cu orez reprezinta un preparat delicios si extrem de usor de pregatit. Puteti servi acest preparat atat la masa de seara, cat si la cea de pranz, dar si ca gustare intre mese. Va recomandam sa incercati preparatul si va garantam ca gustul sau o sa va cucereasca inca de la prima degustare, urmand sa il pregatiti de fiecare data cand aveti ocazia.

5. Reteta de varza noua calita reprezinta un preparat delicios pe care va recomandam sa il incercati. Va prezentam in cele ce urmeaza atat ingredientele necesare, cat si modul de pregatire pas cu pas.

Ingredientele necesare pentru varza noua calita sunt urmatoarele:

  • o varza noua
  • o ceapa
  • un ardei capia
  • 300 grame slanina afumata
  • 100 ml vin
  • o legatura marar
  • oil
  • salt and pepper.

Modul de pregatire pentru reteta de varza noua calita va este prezentat in cele ce urmeaza:

  1. Caliti ceapa, continuati cu varza, ardeiul si slanina
  2. Condimentati, adaugati vinul si caliti varza pana cand se rumeneste frumos
  3. La final adaugati mararul tocat marunt
  4. Serviti preparatul cald.

6. Reteta de legume sotate reprezinta un preparat delicios pe care va recomandam sa il incercati. Va prezentam in cele ce urmeaza atat ingredientele necesare, cat si modul de pregatire pas cu pas.

Preparation time: one hour.

Ingredientele necesare pentru doua portii de legume sotate sunt urmatoarele:

  • 250 grame cartofi
  • a carrot
  • 100 grame fasole verde
  • 100 ml white wine
  • un dovlecel mic
  • oil
  • salt and pepper.

Modul de pregatire pentru reteta de legume sotate va este prezentat in cele ce urmeaza:

  1. Caliti legumele tocate marunt in ulei incins, condimentati-le, apoi adaugati vinul
  2. Lasati preparatul sa scada pana cand ajunge la consistenta dorita
  3. Serviti preparatul atat cald, cat si rece.

7. Va prezentam in cele ce urmeaza atat ingredientele necesare, cat si modul de pregatire pas cu pas pentru reteta de legume calite in wok.

Preparation time: one hour.

Ingredientele necesare sunt urmatoarele:

  • 100 grame mazare
  • 100 grame fasole pastai
  • un dovlecel
  • un ardei capia
  • un fir de praz
  • oil
  • salt and pepper.

Modul de pregatire pas cu pas pentru reteta de legume calite in wok va este prezentata in cele ce urmeaza:

  1. Caliti prazul taiat in rondele intr-o cantitate suficienta de ulei intr-un wok, pana cand devine sticlos, adaugati apoi ardeiul capia taiat in cubulete
  2. Lasati preparatul pe foc pana cand cubuletele de ardei isi schimba textura si culoarea, apoi adaugati dovlecelul taiat in cubulete, mazarea si fasolea pastai
  3. Condimentati cu sare si piper dupa gust, apoi acoperiti vasul in intregime cu un capac
  4. Lasati legumele sa se inabuse timp de jumatate de ora, apoi indepartati capacul si pastrati preparatul pe foc pana cand cantitatea de lichid se reduce la minim
  5. Serviti preparatul de indata ce este gata ca atare sau alaturi de o friptura de vita.

8. Reteta de cartofi prajiti cu marar reprezinta un preparat delicios pe care va recomandam sa il incercati. Va prezentam in cele ce urmeaza atat ingredientele necesare, cat si modul de pregatire pas cu pas.

Ingredientele necesare pentru cartofii prajiti cu marar sunt urmatoarele:

  • jumatate de kilogram de cartofi
  • o legatura de marar tocat marunt
  • oil
  • salt and pepper.

Modul de pregatire pentru reteta de cartofi prajiti cu marar va este prezentat in cele ce urmeaza:

  1. Prajiti cartofii in ulei incins
  2. Serviti-i calzi cu mararul tocat marunt presarat deasupra fiecarei portii.

9. Reteta de salata de fasole verde reprezinta un preparat delicios pe care va recomandam sa il incercati. Va prezentam in cele ce urmeaza atat ingredientele necesare, cat si modul de pregatire pas cu pas.

Ingredientele necesare pentru salata de fasole verde sunt urmatoarele:

  • jumatate de kilogram de fasole
  • o rosie
  • o legatura de ceapa verde
  • doi catei usturoi
  • olive oil
  • salt and pepper.

Modul de pregatire pentru reteta de salata de fasole verde va este prezentat in cele ce urmeaza:

  1. Fierbeti fasolea
  2. Dati rosia prin razatoare, apoi amestecati-o cu usturoiul pisat marunt
  3. Amestecati ingredientele pana la omogenizare
  4. Stropiti cu ulei, apoi condimentati cu sare si piper dupa gust.

10. Reteta de iahnie de fasole clasica reprezinta un preparat delicios pe care va recomandam sa il incercati. Va prezentam in cele ce urmeaza atat ingredientele necesare, cat si modul de pregatire pas cu pas.

Ingredientele necesare pentru iahnia de fasole clasica sunt urmatoarele:

  • jumatate de kilogram de fasole boabe
  • o ceapa
  • oil
  • Bay leaves
  • doi catei de usturoi
  • o legatura ceapa verde
  • salt and pepper.

Modul de pregatire pentru reteta de iahnie de fasole clasica va este prezentat in cele ce urmeaza:

Varză dulce călită

Simply Vegan Delight îți pune la dispoziție preparate fără carne, lactate și ouă.

Timp de gătire: 45 minute


  • 1 varză tocată mărunt, fin (aproximativ 1 kilogram)
  • 2 legături de ceapă verde tocate mărunt
  • 1 morcov răzuit
  • 1 ardei gras roșu tocat mărunt
  • 2 roșii tocate mărunt
  • 1 linguriță boia afumată
  • 1/2 linguriță de sare
  • 1/2 linguriță de piper
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 1 legătură mărar

Method of preparation:

Se călește ceapa, morcovul, ardeiul intr-un vas (de preferat ceaun) timp de 15 minute.

Se adaugă roșiile și condimentele (sare, boia și piper), se amestecă și se fierb 5 minute.

Se adaugă varza și se acoperă vasul cu un capac. Se amestecă din când în când. Se fierbe 25 minute.

Înainte cu 5 minute să oprim focul, se adaugă foile de dafin și se înlătură capacul.

Rețetă de varză călită – varianta cu varză murată


  • o varză murată de 1 sau 1,5 kg.
  • 400 g carne afumată – se pot folosi cârnați și/sau șuncă afumată, opțional
  • un gogoșar sau ardei gras roșu sau una – două linguri cu pastă de ardei
  • o ceapă mare
  • 2 – 3 roșii mari sau 200 ml. bulion de roșii
  • 100 ml ulei de floarea soarelui
  • o linguriță sare
  • 7 – 8 boabe de piper negru
  • o lingură boia dulce
  • o linguriță semințe de chimen
  • o frunză de dafin
  • 100 ml vin alb (opțional)

Method of preparation

Primul pas constă în desărarea verzei murate alese. Aici există două modalități: se poate pune căpățâna de varză în apă limpede, cu o seară înainte de a fi gătită, ori poate fi tăiată fideluță și pusă în doi litri de apă călduță, pentru cel puțin jumătate de oră. Dacă varza murată este tot prea sărată, se poate înlocui o jumătate din cantitate cu varză dulce. Acum, curăță, spală și toacă mărunt ceapa, apoi gogoșarul, șunca și cârnații. E nevoie doar să le tai în bucăți de câte 3 sau 4 centimetri.

După ce toate ingredientele sunt pregătite, pune tigaia pe foc și dă-i bice. Pune ceapa în uleiul deja încins și sărează. Când ceapa s-a călit îndeajuns, adaugă gogoșarul sau ardeiul gras ori pasta de ardei și călește la foc mic pentru trei minute, amestecând des. Adaugă boiaua de ardei, varza și cârnații sau șunca afumată și lasă la călit la foc mic până când varza murată nu mai lasă zeamă. Toacă o cană cu apă fierbinte, semințele de chimen, frunza de dafin și boabele de piper. Amestecă din când în când, pentru a fi sigur că nu s-a lipit nimic și că toate ingredientele își întrepătrund aromele.

În final, acoperă oala cu un capac și lasă varza la înăbușit timp de 40 sau 45 de minute. Mai poți adăuga apă fierbinte dacă mai este nevoie. Între timp, încălzește cuptorul la 180 de grade Celsius. Peste varză adaugă roșiile sau bulionul de roșii, pune și paharul de vin alb sec și lasă la cuptor pentru 40 de minute. Atenție! La cuptor e nevoie să acoperi recipientul folosit.